Creative Flow

13412044_1016039568451395_6501584064015750165_oI’ve been thinking a lot about my ‘muse’ this month, especially as I find myself struggling to get through the new series of works. A question I keep asking myself is ‘how do I maintain my creative flow?’

Creative flow and inspiration is often linked to the two great waves of the ” Feast” and “Famine” cycle of the art world. Maintaining energy levels in the feast cycle is one challenge, yet maintaining the flow during the famine cycle can be a majorly overwhelming experience.

In the feast cycle, which for me was last year with one project or launch or exhibition happening literally every month until I crossed the finish line into 2017. Inspiration seemed to flow seamlessly. It was almost like the less time I had the more productive I became. There was no time to procrastinate, no time for anything other than churning out new work in the studio. I was completely focused, completely driven. Is that kind of work sustainable? Well the short answer is no! Burnout is a well documented topic for creatives- even more so for creatives with little humans to look after! Continue reading “Creative Flow”

Farewell Blacktown Studios

Here we are 2017!

I have completed my studio residency with the Blacktown Arts Centre and now starting new work for my next group exhibition with IWVAC-Australia called Turquoise Paradox opening in April.

But before I get going on the new project I want to reflect a moment on the work developed in the Blacktown Studios. I have immensely enjoyed the experience of just creating for the sake of creating, exploring processes and the luxury of not having a finished product at the end; rather a series of beginnings to keep me going for another year or two possibility even three.

Being in residence at the studios was mainly about exploring my creativity and connecting to the space and my practice. I found myself returning to drawing and collage, it has been lovely to play with ink and charcoal and remembering how much I loved tearing paper!

I have filled the space with a huge collection of works and objects that have inspired me and I would love to share that space with you all before it’s time to pack up and move out!

I am opening the studio up to the public to see what I have created during my time there.

Please join me next Friday 20th January 6-9pm at 121 Main St, Blacktown.

The works will also be for sale (studio prices – no commissions added)



calling myself – ARTIST

Nazanin_photoStepping fully into my artistic path has been quite a journey these past few years. Since starting full-time teaching in 2007 followed closely with major life events of marriage and children, my art practice felt like it was a thing of the past. I had no proper studio set up and whilst I always kept art journals even that came to an end.

The turning point…
In 2014 we moved out of our apartment in Dulwich Hill and into a beautiful home in the Hawkesbury. As I was packing away my art things I realised that despite thinking I had nothing to show for myself for the past 7 years I discovered that I had in fact produced a sizable collection of works, in-between marriage, teaching and babies! So I decided to have my first solo exhibition before we left the trendy Inner West. In August, despite the mayhem of moving, I put together a survey show of the major bodies of work I had created since University called Reflections at the StirrUp Gallery, Marrickville. I remember sitting in the gallery surrounded by my artworks; by the output of my inner workings; by the stories that have shaped all the work I have done; by the beautiful way that the artworks I created related so specifically to times and places in my life and I knew then that I needed to bring art back into the foreground of my life. Maintaining my practice needed to be on top of the ‘to do list’. Continue reading “calling myself – ARTIST”