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My contemplation this month was on how to cultivate more “inner joy”. Where in my life can I invite more joy in? What brings me joy? How can I feel joyful in moments that are strained or difficult? These were some of the enquiry questions I asked myself. Interestingly, as I sat with this intention I found a retreat called “Inner Joy” at the Happy Buddha Retreat Centre in the Blue Mountains. How serendipitous was that! I had such a nourishing experience, eating amazing food, meeting like minded people, yoga, meditation, drumming and just slowing down, being with myself. These all bring me joy. My take away from the experience was to continue drumming and being in community, that is where I find the most joy.

Part of my spiritual practice this year has been to be present with what is moving forward in my life and finding joy in the magical nature of these moments. As I lean into this new way of being I am noticing the way in which my life untangles and becomes more and more simplified.

I found this beautiful post on Facebook about the Native American Indian Spirituality Laws published by Lu Ka and felt to share it here as it captures the pathway to live joyfully and to cultivate inner joy.

“There are four Native American Indian Spirituality Laws that say nothing happens for no reason in life. When you do understand this, it’s very easy to handle and you confidently look at what’s happening, thankful for what was there and happy for what’s going to happen.”

The 1st law says:

′The person you meet is the right one.′′

That is, no one comes into our lives by accident, all the people around us who interact with us, stand for something, either to educate us or to help us in our situation.

The 2nd law says:

′′What happens is the only thing that can happen.′′

Nothing but absolutely nothing of what happens to us could have been different. Not even the most insignificant detail. There just isn’t ′′ If I had done it differently… It would have been different…” No, what happens is the only thing that can happen and needs to happen, so we can learn our lessons to get ahead. Everything, yes, every situation that happens to us in life is absolutely perfect, even when our spirit resists our ego and doesn’t want to accept it.

The 3rd law says:

′′Every moment when something starts is the right time.′′

Everything starts at the right time, not sooner or later. When we are ready for something new in our life, it’s already there to begin with.

The 4th law says:

′What’s over is over.′′

It’s that simple. When something ends in our life, it serves our development. That’s why it’s better to let go and move forward, bestowed on the experiences that have now been gained.

I don’t think it’s a coincidence that you’re reading this here. If this text meets you today, it’s because you meet the conditions and understand that no rain drop anywhere in the world accidentally falls in the wrong place.

Let it go well…

Love with your whole being…

Being happy without end…

Every day is a happy, happy day.


I Am.

You Are.

We Are.


So beautiful right? Reading this again makes be feel such peacefulness and appreciation for all the people, places and things in my life. Returning to the ONENESS of my being and sitting with the knowledge that everything is by design. Allowing my spirit / higher self to steer my life is opening more possibilities for me. Even observing my own energy of late I can feel how much more grounded and still, trusting and flowing I am.

…..Inner Joy…..

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  1. beautiful sharing Maria Dorothea, indeed letting go can be one of the hardest of all laws, but there is always sweetness in our pain, as there always shines a rainbow after the storm. You are a radiant being of light and healing. Keep trusting. xx


  2. Hi Nazanin,
    I too came across those laws recently and they resonated. sadly especially the last one as I had to truly let go of a relationship. After some very tough years I’m finding the place of trust in spirit a little more often. Something I read recently ” worry is a result of thinking you are the ‘doer’ “. xx


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