Autumn Equinox & Nowruz (Persian New Year)

May you feel the blessings of prosperity, health, joy and protection

Nowruz, 1401

On 21 March at 2.33 am Sydney time the Autumn Equinox ( Southern Hemisphere), Spring Equinox (Northern Hemisphere) opened the portal for the cycle of birth, death and re-birth. The equinox is when all Persians celebrate Nowruz, which translates as “new day”. A special altar is created with symbolic objects, pictured above, called sofreh haft sin. Each item on the spread represents prosperity, fecundity, re-birth, joy, abundance, protection and new beginnings. At the moment of the equinox families gather around the sofreh haft sin and light candles, share sweets and celebrate the new cycle. This is an ancient tradition going all the way back to Zoroastrian ritual and ceremony.

lighting candles at the moment of the equinox and setting power intentions for the new cycle

This year I want to share about the astrological alignments and the depth of healing I received; which in Iran the date would translate to 01/01/1401. The equinox aligned with the full moon in Virgo occurring a few days before the equinox. Full moons are about letting go of all that no longer serves you and to make a forgiveness list. However, this alignment with the equinox also meant that the full moon energy was also supporting what you want to bring into your life. Making big wishes for the new astrological year ahead knowing that they are turbo charged was very exciting and the divine timing of it post floods was truly magical.

I have shared publicly on my Instagram page @nazaninmarashian my experience with the March flooding of my home and the deep cleanse and all the insights that have surfaced with the water element. As I found myself on the verge of a nervous breakdown, being so water logged and drowning in a yet another trauma in my life, I made a wish as I lit these Nowruz candles to release all that no longer served me, all that past and present trauma and to make space in my life for healing, for creativity and for love. I went out to the garden and made an offering to Pachammamita and sang to the moon. It is time to rise Nazanin I said to myself. I did not come here to drown in all of this suffering, I have come to rise and shine, I have come here to move through the sludge and bloom into a magnificent lotus.Driving my kids to school later that morning in a daze and a haze of emptiness, I felt my heart speaking to me and directing me to go into yet another healing ceremony. This time with community. Once again by sheer magic I found myself in a healing space with powerful healers, men and women who were holding their own burdens as well as mine as we transmuted all that no longer served us individually and collectively back into light, back into love.
Renewing our oaths and our contracts to ourselves and each other. I felt an ancestral lifting of veils and felt the power of the floods in my life beyond the three dimensional experience. The only words that comes to mind are COSMIC and TECTONIC.

After this experience I felt the past 42 years of my life fall away. On 21.03.2022 ( 01.01.1401- Persian calendar) I was re-born into a new level of consciousness. Feeling all the feels of these blessings in disguise in my life and the power of my heart to move me through one of the deepest healing experiences of my life to date. I am allowing myself to move through the waves of this experience gently and with greater wisdom.

It is still raining heavily and my house may flood again, it is not certain. Last year I was told that was the 1 in 100 year flood and this year it was even higher and more destructive. Something I wasn’t able to achieve until now was ‘detachment’. I was sitting with a lot of fear, and as a single mother with three children pretty much full time has its challenges. That’s all shifted now. One of the teachings of the water element is to go with the flow. Just as I was working on the art of allowing last month, I have created even more space and more importantly embodiment of being in flow. Knowing that:




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