The Art of Allowing

As I slowly emerge from my 2021 experience of quiet surrender and welcome the new cycle of 2022, I celebrate the magnamous shifts within my inner being. As I continue to conciously practice “the art of allowing” my life feels more and more grounded.

The constant changes in what we can and can’t do in the interest of keeping us all safe has been a potent catalyst for me to really sink into deep trust. This has shaped my vision for 2022.

2022 vision board

In these uncertain times I, like many, have felt the shift, the fear, the anger, the frustration. I sensed the urgency to go inward. I have spent the majority of 2021 off social media, my blog and creative channels. I felt the calling to really look at myself and ask the hard questions. Heal from the wounds that I buried long ago. Yes, the good’ol Jungian Shadow work!

I have gained a great deal of insight for the shaping of what’s to come and I feel ready to share some of these processes after a solid year of embodiment.

One key process I have embraced from the wisdom of the Divine Feminine is “achieving more by doing less”. As a type A, mega achiever this notion was a hard one to practice, but one that has yielded amazing results. Following my energy, honouring my cycle, resting when tired, being in the flow, being open to receive, these were the gifts of this wisdom. Each month I would follow the same pattern: REST- FEEL- THINK- DO- REST.

My mantras for 2022

REST is part of my non-negotiables. Gone are the days of pushing through, now I am all about the “art of allowing”. For me this means that I surrender all the obstacles to the divine, through deep trust that everything always works out for me and I am a magnet for abundance. The ‘artistry’ is playful and full of surprises. In the words of a great Medcine Woman, Carmen Vicente : “let love surprise you”.

I am allowing all the beauty and bounty of life and love to flow to me now.

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