One of my key intentions this month has centered on how I can be more loving towards myself. How can I ‘in-source’ all that I need and meet the arena of my life with the lens of my own self-love?

Firstly, embodying what self-love is for me and facing the parts of myself that are hard to love has taken me into a deeper layer of personal power and expansion. Practicing a more gentle self-talk and and leaning into situations that I find challenging my comfort zones has really pushed me into the limitless potential that I carry within me. My contemplation this month has really shown me that everything I need is already within me. When I move out of my head and into my heart that’s where the answers all are.

Truly embodying what it means to deep dive into self-love as an ‘inside job’ as I spoke about in episode 2 of my podcast has created a layer of trust and surrender I have not yet encountered until now. Interestingly so many things have gone ” wrong” this month. One after the other life has cast many curve balls and as I continue to sit with and nurture my self-love and be kind to myself these seemingly insurmountable challenges fall away. It’s not that I am not feeling the pinch – for sure I have been- however, I am understanding that when I live the moment and acknowledge that everything is in flux, and with every problem there is a solution, navigating the arena of my life has become more joyful.

I believe that sometimes it is useful to look back on the road traveled to see how far you have come and take stock of those many terrains you have traversed, acknowledging that you are still here.

I am still here.

Still moving forward.

Each day is an opportunity to fine tune what you have already experienced and open yourself up to the new. As I continue to work on myself and take responsibility for my life, in all aspects, the light and the shadow, I find peace and power there.

As I continue ‘in-sourcing” all that I need and desire I discover deeper layers of my capabilities. Whenever I think I have reached the edges of myself I discover there is limitless potential and therefore there are no actual edges, only expansion.

This is not an easy path I have chosen. Honestly, sometimes I struggle and want to quit. But then another layer opens up, more gold to be found.

My heart feels very strong and tender today. February has been a big energy shift and a strong integration of yet another layer of awakening.

If you, like me, are feeling big waves at the moment, know that you are not alone. Drop into your heart and surrender to the moment, knowing that this too shall pass.

I felt these huge arms were wrapping themselves around me these past 48hours and holding me so lovingly and gently. My intuition telling me that everything is happening for me and that I am never alone- indeed we are al-one and in this oneness is everything that we need to expand. Just quiet the monkey mind, breathe and listen.

Sending you all so much love and gentleness as we move closer to the Autumn / Sprint Equinox and celebrate the astrological new year and Norouz. A new dawn apon the earth. Rising together in unity, masculine and feminine- the mother and the father fueling the flame of unconditional love and acceptance. I invite you all to start in-sourcing and connect to the flame of creation within you.

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