Reflecting on the Journey – 2022

As we approach the final few days of 2022 I gave myself the time and space to sit with all that has transpired in this year for me and I can honestly say I feel so much joy and gratitude for all the storms. Each stormy period has brought with it the most incredible rainbows and WOW what a ride. I have recorded my reflection here instead of writing it as I had so much to share. Still learning the technology as the formatting is a bit off, but it was fun to make and unscripted so I only got one take! I wanted to share the creative process with you here too.

May you feel the blessings of your life deeply, knowing that you are enough and worthy of love. May you feel the power of your creative potential. May you step into your highest timeline knowing that you are supported in every way. May you connect with the light inside of you and see who you truly are.

2 Replies to “Reflecting on the Journey – 2022”

  1. Oh Nazanin,
    I couldn’t have listened to your words at a more perfect time. Thank you so much for the wisdom from your journey. I riding waves peaks and troughs of “shit” and joy…today I just had my head above water. I am the light in my own tunnel…I understand that. Wishing you all blessings on your journey in 2023. With love, x


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