Sacred Sisterhood

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I was invited to be on the opening panel for the Goddess Conference Australia over the weekend in Kinkumber, hosted by the Temple of the Global Goddess, to discuss the conference theme of I AM. It was such a surprise and great honour to be among the wisdom keepers in this very sacred space of sisterhood honouring the Goddess.

After such a long winter in my life for personal as well as creative pursuits, I feel like I have burst into the energy of spring! Sitting with sisters, laughing, dancing, rejoicing, really celebrating the I AM. Over the 2 days I felt so many surges of the creator life force energy move through me. As we connected I could sense a powerful activation stirring. A primal remembrance of the I AM and a reclaiming of our sacred sisterhood, a reclaiming of our power and the importance of story telling, the power of the circle and the deep healing that moves forward when women gather in this way.

Reflecting on the weight that fear, judgement and shame carries to keep us small, keep us quiet, keep us from remembering who we really are and then experiencing the medicine of humour, the medicine of kindness, the medicine of friendship, the medicine of love to break those limiting beliefs was such a uplifting and truly needed experience as I navigate this next phase of my Earth walk.

So many women I met were fellow artists, writers, poets, change makers, dancers, single mothers. As I listened to their stories I could hear the narration of my own life and vice versa. How precious and divinely curated that we find each other in this same juncture in our lives and come together to share our light. As we energised each other with hugs, with laughter, with new metalanguage of empowerment- I found myself in the exhilarating space of the vulvalution! The power of the Goddess Artemesu, Pele and Babo calling in beauty, power, freedom and so much more!

To be witnessed in this space as a wisdom keeper, to be witnessed as a seer and feel the medicine that I carry in my I AM as an embodied mother, as an embodied wounded healer, as a daughter of the earth and conduit of life force energy. To be witnessed by my sisterhood publicly, is showing me the next layer of my path and as I begin to slowly wriggle and writhe out of the murky mud and seek out the light of the sun, our sun and the galactic sun- One with all and all with One- I am shown that this is the remembering of the circle of sacred sisterhood.

Remembering our birth right to feel joy, to feel pleasure, to shine our wonderful light.

Remembering that we are part of a immaculate cosmic patchwork quilt.

Remembering that we are creative beings and everything is possible.

Remembering that this is the time of awakening our truth.

Remembering that all voices matter and there is space enough for all expressions of being.


Much gratitude to Anique Radiant Heart, High Priestess of the Temple of the Global Goddess, Nina Angelo deep gratitude for permission to print the I AM mantra, Susan Moylan Coombs for sharing First Nations wisdom, all the priestess sisters, Bear Mother & Joy Hunter Jennifer Wust for sharing your medicine and all the fabulous women I had the honour of connecting with. May the light of the Goddess shine on.

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