Sacred Elements

As April comes to a close I have consciously taken time to celebrate and receive all the insights that the creation of my current art installation has offered to me. I catch myself pinching myself in disbelief as I wonder how I managed to complete each element. I speak about the creative process in episode 15 of my podcast “chaos and creation” and the magic that is weaved when fully in the surrender of the creative flow. Here I want to share with you about the meaning of my work and my relationship with each of the sacred elements: Earth, Water, Fire, Air.

Sacred Elements is a multimedia installation that brings together ceramics, textile, rose water, text and video to explore and express all aspects of my spiritual practice and healing journey. Each part of the installation is a prayer, a ceremony, a ritual, an embodiment of self-knowledge and self-mastery. This work is the manifestation of my “Inner World”.

The creation of this work is rooted in my daily practices and processes. My work connects me to my Ancestors and the call of my inner being to sing the song of my heart. Each aspect of the work is a prayer or a channelled message bringing me and the collective back home to ourselves.

There are many layers to the work and within each element a deep spiritual contemplation on how to live in harmony and maintain a clear vision in the turbulence of life.

My driving questions is always how can I transmute the chaos of my life into creation? How to connect with nature and move into the feminine principle of flow?

The process of creating the work and being guided by each of the elements – earth, water, fire, air – has been a catalyst for immense healing in my life.

Sacred Elements, 2023

My intention is to create a contemplative space where audiences can begin their own conversations with each element and within this meditative state connect with their own Ancestors and unlock the wisdom that is carried within each of our DNA.

I have learnt from my Elders that when we pray, first we pray for ourselves. Then we pray for our family. Next we pray for our community and finally we pray for the Earth.

This work carries prayers for each of these layers. Heartfelt prayers for harmony, for peace, for freedom, for love, for protection, for kindness, for prosperity, for healing and for gratitude. Many times over.

We are all indeed connected and it is through this work that I have explored those golden threads and the many gifts that reminds of us of our humanity and our responsibility to ourselves, each other and our collective home- the Earth.

Sacred Elements currently showing at Hawkesbury Regional Gallery, Windsor as part of the Inner Worlds Exhibition. On until 4 June, 2023.

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