Seeking Self-LOVE

Anyone who knows me can attest to how much I love romantic comedies and anything that speaks about love. My son always catches me smiling as I watch these movies and spends more time watching me then the movie! I believe there is no greater expression in life than sharing your heart within all the layers that LOVE flows. Love is that magical ingredient that nurtures and helps us grow.

As I reflect on my own journey with love, in the romantic sense, the leading men in my life have not exactly swept me off my feet or chased after me in the cinematic way of my favourite films. In the movie of my life it’s been one karmic debt after another. All of these experiences, although painful, have indeed opened my heart wider and helped me become wiser too! I honour these soul-mates and the expansion they have brought into my life. These experiences have opened my eyes to a universal truth, if I don’t love and honour myself, no one else can either.

This precious and hard won truth about the importance of self-love is shaping this next chapter of my life. I find myself asking these questions: how much time, connection, nurturing, spoiling, excitement, pleasure, friendship, respect, adoration, kindness, compassion, patience and forgiveness am I willing to give myself? How much am I willing to love all of me? The parts I don’t want anyone to see, but can’t hide from myself, can I love those parts too? Can I bring love into all aspects of who I am?

A few years ago, at the peak of the breakdown of my marriage, I shared with a dear friend that all I want is to be my own lover. I wasn’t sure what I even meant and why those words came out of my mouth. Now on the other side of that experience, I know. It was my heart talking, telling me that THE ONE true love, my forever person is ME!

Seeking self-love like any relationship has its ups and downs. It takes commitment and compassion to keep moving forward. I am worthy of loving myself! And worthy of receiving this love in return.

Happy Valentine’s Day Affirmations
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