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As we reach the final few days of 2017 a word that describes the totally of what this year was about for me is re-birth!

Reflecting on the events that have mapped the journey of this year, the shedding of layers, the re-examination of my values and being in trust and flow has given me so much confirmation that I am truly on the right track. I hold such deep gratitude for the opportunities that have shown up allowing me to forge deeper connections with my community, with my creative expression and my family.

What has supported me along the way were my Power Objects (pictured). They were all created with such reverence for nature and acted as incredible healing tools for me. I feel called to offer a women only workshop for others to create a Power Object on 11.02.2018 which carries the vibration of 2.2.11. This day holds a set of two master numbers that fully support manifestation, self-acceptance, abundance and a deep honouring of the heart so that your deepest desires and wildest dreams may be ignited and the witnessing of the sacredness and power within you to expand through the Power Object.

Power Objects have existed across the millennia and are present in every culture in the world. They hold the vibration of prayer in a potent and tangible way. They can be used for protection, healing, uncovering truth, opening the doors of clarity to envision the path head, and connection to your highest purpose to name a few.

As we begin the master number 11 year of 2018 we are being invited to truly manifest our hearts desires and step into our calling. This workshop offers a space where women can come together to hold each other in trust and faith that whatever is unfolding in our lives right now is pushing us collectively towards shining our light and walking our path.

What do you want to call into your life? What attitude or quality is missing that the Power Object can assist you in walking in your truth? What aspects of your life need more support?

Each of us has the power to heal ourselves; the Power Object acts as a container assisting you to break through the layers of conditioning so that your essence can shine through.

You can use it for your own healing, healing for others, to strengthen your purpose and for protection. The purpose and power of the object is something that is quite personal and can be whatever you need support with as you journey into 2018 and beyond.

All materials are included in the workshop. Spaces are limited please book early.

May you all have a peaceful closing of 2017 and I look forward to connecting with you in the new year.

Power Object Workshop

Sunday 11th February 2018

9.45am – 12noon, Windsor NSW

Investment $33.

To register book here

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