Creatrix Activation: A Goddess Healing Journey


Riding the wave of the Winter Solstice here in Australia on 23 June 2019 I facilitated a deeply nourishing mini-retreat for an intimate group of women.

The intention of the event was to connect with our womb caves and enter into the realm of the Goddess to receive her gifts; opening the channels of self expression and power.


And the Goddess definately didn’t disappoint! A shinny rainbow of downloads came through as I prepared for the workshop. I birthed a new power object, a divine Golden Goddess painted on stone.  Guided to make detoxing bath salts and self-love ointments there was just so much deliciousness!

As we entered sacred space and co-created our offering to the Goddess a deep remembering emerged. When we honour the beauty and sacredness of ourselves, the light and the dark, balance is restored.


At the end of the activation and journey each woman created a clay representation of the gifts from the Goddess. Working with the earth element was very grounding and magical.

Many insights were shared, most significantly: there is an abundance all around us, there is enough for all, we are all worthy of this bounty. As beauty is restored and the creatrix within us is activated unlimited potential can be released.


Working through the layers in restoration of the divine feels to be my calling! I love working in this way with women. Bringing together my art and spirituality in a way that nurtures and empowers women.

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I also facilitate private Goddess Circle workshops for small groups in your own home. Gather some girlfriends for an immersive experience into the realm of the Goddess. Contact me for me info.

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