2021 Vision – On Becoming A Joy Hunter

Greetings beloveds! Welcome to 2021! 4 days in…how are we all feeling?

I feel like I have finally woken up from a long slumber. My incubation complete. The year that was 2020, for me personally, and of course the whole collective was HUGE. Every part of my life shifted as I began to re-assess all that was important and let go of so many things, places, people, abstractions, bringing every single aspect of myself into a cosmic stillness. A halt. In that stillness I asked myself a fundamental question: if today is my last day here on Earth, how would I feel? Am I living my life at the speed of love? Am I truly happy? Am I living my dream?

In the stillness of 2020 I felt that there were many ‘yeses’ but as I looked deeper within myself I felt so much misery. So much numbness. All the busyness masking the truth of my unhappy personal life. I felt the courage to lift all the masks off, one by one and surrender to the ‘bigger’ picture. I began to see how perfect Divine timing really is. How intricate the weaving of spirit is, and how much was gained in letting go of my ‘old-self’, letting go of the head and launching into the heart. Moving into even greater acceptance that not all relationships are forever, and how the paradoxes in life are the biggest life lessons.

Since my last blog way back in May until this very moment I have felt like I’ve been inside a spin cycle. Every aspect of my life wrung out. Spinning so fast that nothing was left to churn and now it’s time to emerge. I am dry, a little crinkled but fresh, re-newed. Having a whole year to be in stillness, to reflect on what is important to me. A whole year to go deep within and ask myself the hard questions. To look with a magnifying glass at my life and really feel into what this gift of my life represents has prepared me for this new cycle of 2021. What a blessing! I have emerged from the storm dancing with the rainbows.

I am opening this new year with the vision of becoming a JOY HUNTER. To live fully, to love wildly, to nurture myself and be present. To say yes to the calling of my heart and launch rockets of creative bliss to the sun. For the first time in my adult life I have nothing in my year planner! I have enough blank spaces to allow the master weavers to stitch me a new garment made for the biggest year of Joy Hunting there ever was. Even writing these words makes me want to dance and laugh.

My 2021 offerings will be more 1:1 and small group settings. It’s hard to plan anything in advance anymore. I am starting my Post-Natal Doula service and bespoke workshops, processes, rituals and ceremonies. If you are needing any support to help navigate the year that was and herald the new year ahead please get in touch. I am at your service!

I sign off this blog with my 2021 prayer:

In all aspects of my life I am the Joy Hunter. My work nourishes me and connects me with amazing women and children. My life is sweet inside and out. And the most beautiful thing about being a Joy Hunter is meeting other Joy Hunters! May the nectar of life flow with ease, grace, abundance, prosperity and much laughter. Blessed be, and so it is. AHO!

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