Art is a healing wand and a talking stick. Art is the expression of my lived experience. This is where I’ve been since the end of the 20th century.

Homeland / Exile

This series of paintings, drawings and installation looking deeper at the destruction of homelands due to wars and persecution, and in turn the displacement of identity and the negation of culture through the loss of language.

In Miniature

Inspired by Persian miniature paintings and Sufi teachings, these small scale works call on meditative practice and links to classical iconography. Stylistically quite different from other works, however, there are re-occurring symbols and use of text that are present in other bodies of work.

In Transit

A collection of works centred on the concept of time and language in relation to the time spent in transit to freedom for asylum seekers and the duality in the use of language as a tool to disseminate the fear of otherness.


A candid exploration of memory fragments from my early childhood investigating the poignancy of ‘the moment before’ we left Iran to come to Australia. The life that I never lived and the shadows of the subconscious.

New Work

Currently I am developing new work based on numerology, myth and connection to nature.

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