Art is a healing wand and a talking stick. Art is the expression of my lived experience. This is where I’ve been since the end of the 20th century.

Homeland / Exile – 2002 – 2010

Homeland / Exile explores the negation of culture through language as a condition of dispossession. Taking a circular journey from destruction of homelands to the establishment of refugee camps and the possibility of resolution amongst the flames.Read more

In Miniature – 2010 – 2011

Inspired by Persian miniature paintings and Sufi teachings, these small scale works call on meditative practice and draw on classical Persian motifs. Read more

In Transit- 2015

IN TRANSIT examines the physical space- en route- to a new life in Australia and the promise of freedom as well as the transient state of being as we travel the path of self-knowledge, new awakenings and emerging identities. Read more

Fragmented- 2016

Fragmented investigates materiality, identity and duality. A candid exploration of memory fragments from my early childhood drawing on the poignancy of ‘the moment before’ we left Iran to come to Australia. Read more

New Work

Currently I am developing new work based on numerology, myth and connection to nature.  For further details of these works please see my Facebook Page or follow me on Instagram