Art is a healing wand and a talking stick. Art is the expression of my lived experience. This is where I’ve been since the end of the 20th century.

Homeland / Exile

Homeland / Exile explores the negation of culture through language as a condition of dispossession. Taking a circular journey from destruction of homelands to the establishment of refugee camps and the possibility of resolution amongst the flames.Read more

In Miniature

Inspired by Persian miniature paintings and Sufi teachings, these small scale works call on meditative practice and draw on classical Persian motifs. Read more

In Transit

IN TRANSIT examines the physical space- en route- to a new life in Australia and the promise of freedom as well as the transient state of being as we travel the path of self-knowledge, new awakenings and emerging identities. Read more


Fragmented investigates materiality, identity and duality. A candid exploration of memory fragments from my early childhood drawing on the poignancy of ‘the moment before’ we left Iran to come to Australia. Read more

New Directions

Currently I am developing new work based on numerology, Goddess mythology and connection to nature.



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