Equinox Lessons

Norouz Sofreh Haft Sin – Persian New Year

March has been a month of many personal challenges and deep insights. My phone created a slide show reminder of “this time last year” and it was all of the flood memories. I had totally forgotten. It was an interesting reflection on how much I had healed from that trauma and how much resilience I felt when looking at those images and videos. And how that event felt like a life time ago, not just 12 months. So much has moved within me since then.

Despite the clarity I felt over this time period and my new paradigm of “being in the moment”, so many things came at me all at once this month that it felt like another flood sweeping through my life. This time an internal flood, calling me to re-examine once again my strength and my trust in my ability to move through the murky waters of unpredictability and flow with what is being moved into my focus.

As we come to the close of March I feel like a new beginning yet again is emerging for me. Especially since the Equinox of 21 March. I have blogged before about Persian New Year being on the Equinox and interestingly I had put my house back together last year just in time for it. This year the Equinox had a bigger lesson to share with me. The equal parts of day and night, light and dark, were moving me closer to my own inner center and asking me to hold my ground.

This equilibrium is the bliss point of all of life. When I look into my life I and feel how anchored I am when I allow the light and the dark to ebb and flow. And when I push and pull against one or the other, how quickly life feels heavy and burdensome. I find myself being in appreciation that the darkness is essential part of my growth and expansion into the light. This light is the continuation of my core essence of Love. I am really feeling that today.

Removing judgement has been one of the lessons of the Equinox for me. Simplifying my experiences without labeling them “good” or “bad” has softened some of the monumental tasks I have needed to undertake. And then once it is done, it is done. Space is created. A long exhale is released. Light cracks in. In that experience is the metamorphosis of self and the return to a central place of calm. Equal parts light and dark making the perfect formula for life.

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