Rising Together

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In times of struggle and chaos how can we find our center? When anger and frustration are raging through our collective consciousness how can we use that transformational energy to create a better world? How can we alchemise our pain into powerful change? These have been my contemplations these past 10 days as I witness the momentum of revolution in my homeland of Iran. Being is diaspora has it’s safety net. I can speak out, I can share information, I can be a divorced woman and keep her kids and live my life freely without the stigma attached. So with this freedom comes a responsibility to be a voice for the voiceless. To live with courage and resilience.

Most of you by now have heard about the brutal death of Mahsa Amini in Iran by the morality police and the ensuing protests across the country and the many protest moving like wildfire internationally. There is a wealth of information across social media channels that speak about the socio-political aspects to this happening and I invite you all to do your own investigations. My sharing with you today comes from guidance received as I sat with my contemplations. As a woman born on the eve of the Islamic Revolution in Iran (1979) and survived the war (Iran /Iraq 1980-1989) the privilege of my life living in a peaceful and beautiful country like Australia is never lost. I have gratitude for every moment of my existence. My connection to my homeland is always present with me. All my relatives who remained, all those who have sacrificed and continue to sacrifice each and every day are present with me. Iranian women are educated. Iranian women are strong. Iranian women are powerful. From this space of distance my heart aches and my stomach burns with rage. Most of my life, even though I live in a “free” country I haven’t felt safe as a woman. Growing up in Western Sydney was tough. Always on your guard. So this is not just about hijab, this is about creating a world where we all feel safe. Safe to express our truth. Safe to express our creativity. Safe to live the life we were born to live. Regardless of gender, religion or race.

The old ways are breaking. The old world is burning. These are the times we came here to witness and change. When a fire is raging it is calling for deep and permanent transformation. The people are the power. It is our collective consciousness that changes everything. COVID showed us that so clearly, yet we choose to go into fear. This is our opportunity to now go into love. We need to start loving ourselves firstly. Every part of our physical reality starts with a thought. The inner system needs to be transformed. When the collective is grieving we can’t move through the density. These are the words that have come through my guides to share with you all on how to rise together:

The time is NOW for each one of you to find your inner light and share the consciousness of love. Love of self, love of mother, love of earth. We are all one. There is no separation. Many individuals have come here to awaken humanity. The rage you feel is the fuel needed to make these changes, however, do not loose yourself in the darkness. Keep reaching for the light. You have gathered here now to rise together. You have come here now to rise in love. Set your focus on the change you want to see. Bring your attention to the waves of light connecting us all. There is no other time than now and no other place than here. The earth needs all women to wake up and divine feminine energy to awaken in all beings. The prayer is for harmony to be restored.

I stand with the women of Iran and all women. Our time of suffrage needs to end. As we heal, we awaken. As we awaken, harmony is restored. I am sending out a deep and heart prayer for peace, for balance, for unity and above all freedom.

We are the daughters rising,

we are the daughters rising,

we are the daughters rising from the ashes,

a new way coming,

a new way being.

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