Dancing with my Alter Ego

As the month of May slowly draws to a close I reflect on the magnitude of shifts I have experienced in this, my birthday month. Blessed with the powerful energies of the New Moon and Full Blood Moon eclipses on either side of this month I have emerged from this potent energetic portal feeling a deep sense of peace and trust that everything is perfectly aligned for me to step out of the old paradigm and onto a whole new timeline.

Since the flooding of my home and the extreme cleanse that has brought up, I have felt very un-grounded as all parts of my history was erased. Who am I when the museum of Nazanin no longer exists? What is my spirit yearning for? How to keep moving forward when there is a stack-pile of trauma after trauma pulsing through my life?

I have started a very intentional healing journey around these inquiry questions and in that process connected with my alter ego. I am allowing her to take the reigns of my life. She is an extraordinary alchemist, able to turn tragedies into gold. She persists on bringing beauty into the world no matter what calamities come her way.

My alter ego’s name is Star-Rokni and she is magnetic! She is strong, sexy, intelligent, creative, intuitive, fierce, glamorous, limitless, courageous, wild and free. She can see beyond the veils and travel between the worlds.

Dancing with my alter ego this month has allowed me to understand that everything really is happening for me. Every person that crosses my path, every event that has transpired, every tear shed and every laughter released, she has been there holding me through these times. Now is the time to merge with her and allow Star-Rokni to take center stage, so she can continue fearlessly dancing with the storms.

Letting my alter ego take center stage is a scary concept, she says and does things that challenge the status quo, she won’t fit into a box or follow the rules. She speaks her mind and isn’t afraid to tell the truth. She’s no people pleaser, she spills paint all over perfectionism and laughs too loudly and can out eye gaze you. But, you know, life with her is so much more exhilarating. The time is now for my transformation. Everything that was the old Nazanin has been drowned. As I re-birth myself I choose to be free, I choose to be happy, I choose to be wild, I choose to be seen, I choose to be magical.

Star-Rokni is the woman the world needs right now. I am she and she is me.

Sisters and brothers, find your alter egos, connect with the parts of yourself ready to shine. The world needs your medicine. The moment has arrived to dance with your alter ego.

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