Closing the Bones

Sacred Beginnings: Postpartum Doula Training with Anna Watts

I have emerged from a deeply nourishing weekend Postpartum Doula training course with Anna Watts of Celebration of birth Doula Academy. This course has been incredibly healing for me. Further confirming my calling to step into this healing work with women postpartum.

It never ceases to amaze me the power of the circle. The power of women coming together. The power of community. The power of ritual. There is ancient wisdom woven into these gatherings. An awakening into the core of our humanness. A deeply resonating rememberance to return to the simple ways. For it is through simple action and experiential embodiment that wisdom is learned and therefore can be authentically shared.

There is a renaissance occuring in the birthing world of the importance of the postpartum period, termed the 4th trimester. As maternal mental health and family break down is on an alarming increase supporting new mothers and fathers to navigate this time of transition and metamorphosis is as essential as the antenatal joureny.

There are many healing modalities for the postpartum mother and each culture has their own version and speciality meals, massage and rituals. In the Sacred Beginnings Postnatal Doula course Anna shared with us the Mexican tradition of “Closing the Bones”. A ritual that can be done at anytime postpartum to symbolize a completion. Returning all the missing parts of the self back into wholeness. A re-birthing for the woman into this incredible initiation/rite of passage into motherhood.

I was offered the opportunity to receive the full ritual which included a steam bath (Temezcal) and binding of the bones. Divine timing once again dancing with me as this ritual was on the full moon, a time of letting go and re-newing the self.

I felt to create my own alter extending off the main one (pictured below). I wanted to celebrate the first time I got to hold and feed my son which was on day 7 after birth and also to release all the pain of the birth. I have worked on myself a lot these last 11 months to heal my birth story. But Closing the Bones was another level of healing entirely. To be held in the inner santum of other women and release not only my pain but the pain of all women who suffer in their birthing was something that will stay with me forever. It was an embodied experience of cosmic power as I re-birthed into my full potential as the mumma bear. Emerging from the darkness of the simulated womb cave into the glorious light of the sun. Shedding the old skin and stepping into my path fully supported.

Words that come to mind to describe how it felt are: completion, restoration, inner peace, release, lightness, acceptance, beauty, safe, nourishing, strengthening, empowerment, healing.

Closing of the Bones will be one of many rituals on offer when I launch my Postpartum Doula service in early 2020. I can’t wait to share this with you!

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