Walking the Spiral

Seeds of Protection, 2022

As July comes to a close I reflect on the intentions I had set for myself this month: “to be joyful” and ” to be in the flow of creativity”. It felt like I was walking a massive inner sprial to achieve those intentions. Life propelling me through many challenging events, offering me an opportunity to re-frame the circumstances of my life and empower myself through my own creative expression. Indeed these past 6 months of 2022 have been a call to true embodiment of the “medicine” I carry within myself. Now more than ever I am being asked to walk my talk.

There is a bigger picture here, of course there always is. This tapestry of life, this project Nazanin, continues on. July has been one of those months of extremes and so many blessings. I’m still in awe that I created my installation “Seeds of Protection” in between 2 floods of my studio, in between illness, job changes, and single parenting. My art intersects my life and this is indeed an interesting process. Let me contextualise a bit. In the same week I installed my artwork, my house was flooded again and my nephew was born. The joy of both finally “birthing ” my artwork after so much turbulence and witnessibg newborn bliss gave me so much hope and strength to move through yet another clean up. All I could feel was joy and the power of creative expression.

Walking the spiral, I saw how many times in my life I have been de-railed and how quickly I could get back on track. This time the power and wisdom of joy has given me wings to fly.

Upcoming Event: Artist talk 13 August, 2-4pm, Re-Member Exhibition Curated by Nicole Barakat, with artists, Annukina Warda, DJ Gemma, Joanna Kambourian, Maissa Alameddine, Nazanin Marashian, Olivia Nigro, Zeina Iaali and Marian Abboud.

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