Episode 10 Energy Hygiene


In this episode I offer 3 very simple practices that I use daily as part of my ‘energy hygiene’ routine that allows me to quickly bring myself back into my personal power and inviting you to try them. All together it takes less than 5min to do these practices, and yet they are super powerful. 

The first practice allows you to draw back your personal power to yourself with a simple incantation. The second practice is a chord cutting process and the final one is how you can protect your energy field. The incantations I have used the the podcast are listed below. However, you can use any words that resonant and connect in with your personal intentions. 

1. Bring Back Your Power:

“I call back all of my power to me now. I call back all of my power from any person, place, situation or thing where it has leaked out of me. I call back all of my power in this moment now and I feel this power returning to me. I call back my power and bring myself into wholeness. I call back my power and bring myself into my sovereignty. I call back my power now. I call back my power now. I call back my power now “


2. Energetic Chord Cutting

“I cut any energetic chords that are attaching to me from any person, place or situation, I cut those chords now with unconditional love. I return wholeness to myself. If I have unconsciously tapped into another persons energy field I now release that person, place or situation and call the light of love and forgiveness to clear that debt I have unknowingly created. I bring myself to wholeness now. Tapping into the highest good of my inner being. Tapping into my inner knowing and my well of limitless potential. Bringing myself to wholeness now.”


3. Energetic Protection / Intention

“ With this breath from above and below I connect to my intention of being present  / protected (insert your personal intention) throughout my day and only allowing in high vibrational words, experiences and situations and only allowing out high vibrational words, and actions so I may stay in my presence”

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