Initiation into Motherhood


There are many initiations in our lives that mark transition and growth. In each culture and timeline there are various rituals that celebrate these milestones. One I want to speak about is Motherhood.

My own experience into the deepest transformation of my life begins with this passage from Maiden to Mother both symbolically and literally.

What does it mean to be “mother”? I struggled for years with this new role and a deep agony of feeling so limited in many ways kept me in darkness and frustration.

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Daneha (Seeds)

Star Seed, spices, MDF, gold paint, 2018

In October last year I was offered the opportunity to work on a beautiful creative project with a group of Afghani women in Blacktown, and to finally see the vision of the project come to life has truly been a magical experience. I am thrilled to announce the imminent launch of Daneha (“Seeds” in English), a new exhibition opening on 5th July at The Leo Kelly Blacktown Arts Center.

Daneha explores the displacement of the Afghan community across the globe, and the cultivation of roots in foreign, unfamiliar soil. The exhibition is a multi-faceted artistic program made up of a visual arts exhibition, artist talks, musical performances and theatre featuring Persian and Afghani artists. Continue reading “Daneha (Seeds)”

The Importance of Ceremony – Living a Sacred Life

Back to the Earth

There are many ceremonies across all cultures that celebrate the various rites of passage and initiations for individuals from Birth Day, to adolescence and adulthood. As I reflect on my own upbringing and the way life events are celebrated within my family – often with over eating and lots of dancing- I felt that I needed to start my own tradition and create sacred ceremony for the life events that are happening within the family unit I have co-created with my husband; ceremonies that resonate with the people we are rather than what ‘tradition’ has dictated.

I have been consciously calling in sacred space in every aspect of my daily life for the past 2years. I do what feels natural, avoiding religious labels and constructs and simply sitting with the elements of nature. With this philosophy of living that I embrace I wanted to honour my firstborn child, my beautiful Laleh, as she completes her first 7year cycle.   Continue reading “The Importance of Ceremony – Living a Sacred Life”

Power Object


As we reach the final few days of 2017 a word that describes the totally of what this year was about for me is re-birth!

Reflecting on the events that have mapped the journey of this year, the shedding of layers, the re-examination of my values and being in trust and flow has given me so much confirmation that I am truly on the right track. I hold such deep gratitude for the opportunities that have shown up allowing me to forge deeper connections with my community, with my creative expression and my family.

What has supported me along the way were my Power Objects (pictured). They were all created with such reverence for nature and acted as incredible healing tools for me. I feel called to offer a women only workshop for others to create a Power Object on 11.02.2018 which carries the vibration of 2.2.11. This day holds a set of two master numbers that fully support manifestation, self-acceptance, abundance and a deep honouring of the heart so that your deepest desires and wildest dreams may be ignited and the witnessing of the sacredness and power within you to expand through the Power Object. Continue reading “Power Object”

Sitting with the Water


Anahita's Dream

The Water element is our life force. Water is linked to our emotions, the process of birth, of cleansing and the feminine way of being- in flow with nature and the cycles of life.  The ripples of cause and effect expressed through the drop returning to the whole and our own passage through the waters of the womb.

This contemplation on the water element has taken me into the realm of the Ancient Persian Goddess Anahita for inspiration and visual motifs for my next series of works for the North Sydney Council’s ‘Red Project’ which will launch in March 2018.

Anahita was a goddess associated with water, fertility, wisdom, warfare, and eventually the planet Venus.  Her full title being Aredvi Sura Anahita which means moist, mighty and immaculate (pure); she is a Goddess of sovereignty and patron of women. Continue reading “Sitting with the Water”

Mythologies of the Discarded

My latest curatorial project is about to launch! Mythologies of the Discarded opens on Saturday 28th October at Peacock Gallery, Auburn.

The exhibition presents the work of international and local artists Maria Grazia Tata, Jody Graham, Sepideh Farzam, Jan Cleveringa and Bahman Kermany whose installations are deeply rooted in mythology, our relationship with nature, sustainability and transformation.

Each artist has re-defined their materials and created items of beauty, sacredness and power. The creative process of collecting discarded objects vividly highlights the journey through ancient, primal and visceral spaces, imploring the viewer into a deeper contemplation with nature and technological progress.


I look forward to sharing this exhibition with you next week.

time to shine


Riding on the immense energies of the 10/10 vibration I am taking this leap of faith to finally come out of my spiritual closet. I am no longer playing small, I step wholeheartedly into my calling, I emerge through the shadows of fear and self-doubt fully in my power; an awakened wild woman. I walk my talk and embrace everything that I am- Mother, Artist, Writer, Seeker, Healer, Psychic, Goddess, Sage of the earth, pure light of unconditional love. I am here, here I am. And so it is.

My heart is overflowing with excitement as I type these words. I have spent my whole life meandering between the calling of spirit and my own self imposed limitations. Dimming my light and placing an invisible barrier of how high I could fly around myself. Trying desperately to fit into one category or another and being too obsessed with the outcome of my endeavours- fighting against the flow- needing to control everything and having it all worked out before taking the leap. Continue reading “time to shine”

Language of Nature


Everything in nature has a language. In order to learn that language we need to sit with each element and watch it through our hearts.

I learnt this wisdom as I walked the beautiful terrain of the Sacred Valley, Peru in a powerful and transformative  pilgrimage to Apu Salkantay and Machu Picchu  with Valerio Sasari of Runa Ñan, Peru Healing Travel.

There is something truly magical about Peru. The mountains come to life and literally speak to you. There are so many faces and animal shapes that undulate the surface of the rock. There is a stillness and reverence for being that draws you into an ancient call of the wild, yet paradoxically keeps you firmly grounded in the present.

I felt very ‘held’ and safe in Peru. The trek was challenging, don’t get me wrong. I was not physically prepared for the altitude or the steep inclines and uneven surfaces! At times my faith was tested, especially those moments when every step was mindfully crafted as I traversed a ravine and tiptoed across what looked like the precipice of death – literally walking on the edge of the mountain, no harness, narrow path, huge backpack and nothing but sharp rocks below and evidence of landslides above…Yet I felt more alive and more connected than ever in my life. There was a language being spoken and in the stillness I could feel the messages being transmitted. Continue reading “Language of Nature”

Life Path- 38/11

As my latest exhibition comes to an end I have been reflecting quite deeply on the work I have created for Turquoise Paradox and considering the next series of works to come. In these quite small scale, intimate works I have woven the story of my life with that of my partner’s. The journey we have been on both individually and the intersections of life where we walk together is the basis of these works.

Using the colour turquoise has had quite a calming and healing effect on me. Coming out of the heaviness of the last series of works and looking more closely at the stories around love, connection, communication, journeys of the heart and more explicitly this notion of  my “life path” de-coded through numerology has inspired me to delve even deeper into the next direction I want to take both in terms of my teaching career and my art practice. Continue reading “Life Path- 38/11”