Sitting with the Water

Anahita's Dream

The Water element is our life force. Water is linked to our emotions, the process of birth, of cleansing and the feminine way of being- in flow with nature and the cycles of life.  The ripples of cause and effect expressed through the drop returning to the whole and our own passage through the waters of the womb.

This contemplation on the water element has taken me into the realm of the Ancient Persian Goddess Anahita for inspiration and visual motifs for my next series of works for the North Sydney Council’s ‘Red Project’ which will launch in March 2018.

Anahita was a goddess associated with water, fertility, wisdom, warfare, and eventually the planet Venus.  Her full title being Aredvi Sura Anahita which means moist, mighty and immaculate (pure); she is a Goddess of sovereignty and patron of women.

There are many stories around what it means to be a fully empowered woman. Some more resonating than others, however, my intention in journeying into the realm of the goddess of the waters was to know how to strengthen the connection between my higher self and the feminine power center.  The message that came through was about the importance to re-claiming the power of the womb. Dropping into that space of creation and the cosmic life force energy stored there. The symbol that emerged was of the sacred feminine channel from the womb to the crown. Two balls of illuminated light swirling like a whirl pool forming extensions between earth and sky.

So far these are works in progress, the beginning of something yet to be fully formed. Like the water I will flow with inspiration and see where the work goes!

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