Greetings beautiful people and welcome to my world!

I am a seeker of creative endeavours that draw out the depths of human experience and the magic of our collective connection with nature.

I was born in Iran and immigrated to Australia in 1984 to flee the Iran / Iraq war (1980-1989).  I am a visual artist, educator, workshop facilitator, creative arts specialist and curator. I have a Bachelor of Arts (Art History & Theory and Performance Studies) and a Masters of Teaching from the University of Sydney. I am currently investigating earth centred practices through Shamanic healing journeys as I am called to shift my direction into new areas of expression.

Within my visual arts practice I have explored various media such as painting, drawing, collage and mixed media. Recently I have experimented with immersive installation and film. My practice draws heavily on my cultural connections to my homeland, my lineage and my experience of growing up in Australia.

The vast majority of what I make draws on storytelling traditions. Indeed, I come from a long line of storytellers, I am named after my Great Grandmother who was a renowned storyteller and healer in her village. I had a chance to meet her when we returned to Iran after the war ended, I was 11 years old. That moment had such a significant impact on me. I always feel deeply connected to her wisdom and gifts through my art making as I weave stories of childhood memories, personal growth, the poetry of nature and the political struggle of minorities.

I have a wide range of exhibition experience which includes solo and group exhibitions in Sydney, Melbourne and Rome. I have been a finalist in many art awards, curated several exhibitions, co-created Iranica Conferences at the Art Gallery NSW and was the Director of the highly successful Iranian Art & Craft | Norouz Celebration festival in 2016.

My projects are predominantly concerned with the empowerment of women. I offer a safe space for women to come together in sisterhood, in trust and love to ignite their creative center and explore their own gifts; re-writing their stories and manifesting their true essence through creative expression.

For inquiries about my workshops and artworks please contact me.