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Greetings beautiful people and welcome to my world!

I was born in Iran and immigrated to Australia as a young child in 1984 to flee the Iran / Iraq war (1980-1989).  As a first generation Iranian-Australian I am deeply passionate about empowering women through creative expression. My life has taken me on a wild and wonderful ride as artist, writer, curator, educator, healer, workshop facilitator, mother and postnatal doula.


Art is a major aspect of my life. My formal training is in Art History and Theory, however, I am always experimenting with materials and techniques. My work has cultural connections to my homeland, my lineage and my experience of growing up in Australia. Through my artmaking I channel powerful teachings of the divine feminine and subsequently allow space for personal healing and empowerment.


I come from a long line of storytellers, if I travel back in time far enough I am sure there is Gypsy blood in me! I am named after my Great Grandmother who was a renowned storyteller and medicine woman. Although I only have very fragmented memories, I feel very much bonded to her and the gifts she carried. I have worked as a freelance writer and I am currently drafting a few book ideas about my spiritual awakening, a children’s picture book and poetry.


I consider myself a seeker of creative endeavours that draw out the depths of human experience and the magic of our collective connection with nature. For over 10 years I studied Sufism in Sydney and that opened the door to the secrets of my heart. I am currently investigating earth centred practices through Shamanic healing journeys as I am called to shift my direction into new areas of expression and healing; particularly postnatal healing through ritual and ceremony.


I went to Peru in 2017 and it literally changed my life. As soon as I stepped foot on the land I could feel the ancestral call to step into my purpose and walk the path of the ‘sage’- the wisdom keeper- I received so many visions and heart opening experiences. Through my art-making, writing and workshops I share these transmissions of wisdom and healing power of Divine Love.

what I offer

My projects are predominantly concerned with the empowerment of women. I offer a safe space for women to come together in sisterhood, in trust and love to ignite their creative center and explore their own gifts; re-writing their stories and manifesting their true essence through creative expression. I facilitate women’s gatherings, art workshops , family medicine drum circles, drum making workshops, art exhibitions and postnatal healing through ritual and ceremony.

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