I was born in Iran (1979) and immigrated to Australia in 1984 to flee the Iran / Iraq war (1980-1989). I am a Visual Artist, qualified secondary Teacher (Visual Arts & Drama), Workshop Facilitator,  Creative Arts Specialist, Curatorial Consultant and founder of the Iranian Women Visual Artists Collective- Australia. I have a Bachelor of Arts (Art History & Theory and Performance Studies) and a Masters of Teaching from the University of Sydney.

My art making is semi-autobiographical and maps the fragments of memories from my childhood, various journeys and dreams.  My works often merge personal stories with political and social concerns. I have explored mainly 2D forms such as painting, drawing, collage and mixed media. However, recently I have experimented with immersive installation and film. My practice draws heavily on my cultural connections to my homeland and growing up in Australia.

So much of what I do connects deeply with storytelling traditions. Indeed I come from a long line of storytellers, I am named after my Great Grandmother who was a renowned storyteller and healer in her village in Iran. I had a chance to meet her when we returned to Iran after the war ended, I was 11 years old. That moment had such a significant impact on me. I always feel connected to her through my art making as I weave stories of personal growth, political struggle and negotiating the immigrant experience of displacement negotiating the ever evasive ‘in-between’  of cultural identity.

I have a wide range of exhibition experience which includes solo and group exhibitions in Sydney, Melbourne and Rome. I have been a finalist in many art awards and curated several exhibitions and created the first Iranian Art & Craft | Norouz Celebration festival in 2016.

I offer curatorial consultation and workshop facilitation services in addition to my artmaking. For more details click here.

For commission enquiries or information about other services I offer please contact me.

Looking forward to connecting with you.