Daneha (Seeds)

Star Seed, spices, MDF, gold paint, 2018

In October last year I was offered the opportunity to work on a beautiful creative project with a group of Afghani women in Blacktown, and to finally see the vision of the project come to life has truly been a magical experience. I am thrilled to announce the imminent launch of Daneha (“Seeds” in English), a new exhibition opening on 5th July at The Leo Kelly Blacktown Arts Center.

Daneha explores the displacement of the Afghan community across the globe, and the cultivation of roots in foreign, unfamiliar soil. The exhibition is a multi-faceted artistic program made up of a visual arts exhibition, artist talks, musical performances and theatre featuring Persian and Afghani artists. Continue reading “Daneha (Seeds)”

Sitting with the Water


Anahita's Dream

The Water element is our life force. Water is linked to our emotions, the process of birth, of cleansing and the feminine way of being- in flow with nature and the cycles of life.  The ripples of cause and effect expressed through the drop returning to the whole and our own passage through the waters of the womb.

This contemplation on the water element has taken me into the realm of the Ancient Persian Goddess Anahita for inspiration and visual motifs for my next series of works for the North Sydney Council’s ‘Red Project’ which will launch in March 2018.

Anahita was a goddess associated with water, fertility, wisdom, warfare, and eventually the planet Venus.  Her full title being Aredvi Sura Anahita which means moist, mighty and immaculate (pure); she is a Goddess of sovereignty and patron of women. Continue reading “Sitting with the Water”

Mythologies of the Discarded

My latest curatorial project is about to launch! Mythologies of the Discarded opens on Saturday 28th October at Peacock Gallery, Auburn.

The exhibition presents the work of international and local artists Maria Grazia Tata, Jody Graham, Sepideh Farzam, Jan Cleveringa and Bahman Kermany whose installations are deeply rooted in mythology, our relationship with nature, sustainability and transformation.

Each artist has re-defined their materials and created items of beauty, sacredness and power. The creative process of collecting discarded objects vividly highlights the journey through ancient, primal and visceral spaces, imploring the viewer into a deeper contemplation with nature and technological progress.


I look forward to sharing this exhibition with you next week.

New Exhibition

My next project is the IWVAC-Australia group show Turquoise Paradox. There will be a wide range of works on exhibit from current member artists and I have a few small works of my own in it also.

Exhibition dates: 5th – 27th April, Me Art Space, 25 Atchison St, St Leonards

Official launch: Saturday 8th April, 4pm – 6pm

Hope to see you there!