In Miniature 2010 – 2011


Inspired by Persian miniature paintings and Sufi teachings, these small scale works call on meditative practice and draw on classical Persian motifs.

I began studying Sufism in 2005 and found myself on a 10 year journey through the heart. As part of the Sufi practice we would chant beautiful poetry and prayers. I always felt such a deep connection to spirit in these moments.

During early morning prayer ritual I would make intuitive sketches and copy calligraphic text in my notebook. Eventually these developed into small scale works and In Miniature was born.  The works are mainly mixed media expressing the amalgamation of personal signs and symbols with calligraphy and the practice of Sufi chanting. These works are of a intimate scale, echoing the principles of Sufi heart meditation, they also have a historical connection to Persian miniature painting and storytelling.

I used the colour turquoise and gold throughout the series to further reference to connection with the divine. In Ancient times turquoise was reserved for royalty and believed to have sacred properties of the gods. We see these colours today in many Islamic art forms and architecture. It is a colour that also holds many memory triggers of my childhood. I have recently returned to this theme of turquoise in my latest works.


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