The Matriarch Lioness

The Matriarch Lioness

The Matriarch Lioness, leather, wood, smoky citrine crystal wand

Created on 11.01.2018

Dimensions: 16cm x 6cm x 4cm

This power object was birthed on the 11th of January 2018. A day which carried a potent energy of manifestation. “The Matriarch Lioness” wears on a crown of smokey citrine crystal.  She is extraordinary in her grace, her power and fierce protection. Breaking through the veils of illusion and calling forth metaphysical mastery. My heart is filled with the golden light of the beautiful crystal from Madagascar. May her beauty and strength illuminate this year of immense growth and abundance. 11.1.(11).

This power object is ideal for those in the process of awakening into their spiritual path. The strength of the Lioness and the power of the smoky citrine carrying vibrations of abundance, and dispels outdated thought patterns that could be holding you back or making you suffer so that you can expand your consciousness and shine a radiant light of protection and illumination in your heart.

*SOLD* AUD 333 (Includes postage & handling within Australia


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