Serpent Healer

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Serpent Healer

Serpent Healer, wood, leather, feather, glass bead, Tibetan bell, Tiger Eye and Smokey Quartz

Created 6th February 2018

Dimensions: 22cm (39cm from tip to feather) x 1.5cm x 1cm

Bound to the healing energy of the snake, calling in power, transformation, rebirth and protection, Serpent Healer is a very potent Power Object that takes on the shape of a recoiling snake shedding its skin. It carries the intention to fiercely cut chords of limiting beliefs and impediments to your path so that deep healing and transformation can take place.

The Serpent Healer connects to the vacuum created by the January 31st eclipse to draw into itself all that no longer serves, passing through the darkness and transmuting it into the light.

In many cultures the snake symbolises life force and primal energy, it is revered as a powerful totem representing transformation, major life changes, healing and spiritual guidance. Snake also reminds us to stay grounded in this process of change and shedding of the old skin.

I have used Tiger Eye, a Tibetan Bell and glass bead to act as protective elements in this journey of healing. Promoting both self-healing and healing of others.  This is truly a spirited Power Object that feels very strong. Indeed the properties of the Tiger Eye crystal is all about harnessing the power to focus the mind, promoting mental clarity, assisting us to resolve problems objectively. It is also useful for dispelling fear and anxiety. Tiger Eye stabilises mood swings, imbues us with willpower, purpose, courage, self-confidence, and releases tension.

Smoky Quartz crystal is a powerful grounding, detoxing and balancing stone which absorbs negative energy. It works to release negative emotions such as: jealousy, fear, and anger and transmutes them into higher frequency.

The combination of Smoky Quartz and Tiger Eye is a potent one to do the deep healing work this piece offers.

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