Rainbow Wings

Rainbow Wings SOLD

Rainbow Wings, Clear Quartz crystal wands, leather, cotton thread and Rainbow Lorrekit full wing

created on 17th January 2018

Dimensions: 17cm x (tip of crystal to tip of wing) 3cm x 2cm

Day 17 of 2018 and it already feels like 3 months have passed! Anyone else feeling like that? As I sat in meditation this morning with my new moon intentions of calling in more fun, more adventure and simply BEing the Rainbow Lorrekit wing I found a few months ago presented itself to be formed into a Power Object.

The Rainbow Lorrekit is a beautiful and very playful bird. For me they represent being in the moment, doing things differently, overcoming obstacles with a sense of humour and adventure. They are the bridge between worlds holding so much beauty and joyfulness. After all we are here to experience unbounded joy are we not? These are the qualities this power object holds.

Sometimes it’s hard to stay focused when there are so many things pulling at you in every direction. The Rainbow Wing will keep you centred and allow for a more playful feeling to dominate stressful moments guiding you to find new ways to do what needs doing without the drama and stress. Infused with Tibetan Clear Quartz and the connection between sacral, heart and third eye chakras to empower clarity, truth and  creative potential.

AUD 333 (Includes postage & handling within Australia) SOLD


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