Protector (SOLD)

Protector, wood, cotton thread, twine, leather, ceramic bead, Smoky Quartz, Blue Hawlite.

Created 16th August 2017

Dimensions: 20cm H 3cm W 2cm D

The Protector is a beautiful piece that calls on the ‘evil eye’ symbolism used across many Middle Eastern and Central Asian Cultures to protect oneself from the gaze of envy which is believed to bring about ‘curses’.

Prayers of love, of openness to receive and protection from negativity, either self-directed or transferred from others is bound to this Power Object. Working through light and dark, opening the throat Chakra to speak words of love and mirror back calmness. The blue ceramic bead is from my Homeland of Iran. It is often pinned to clothing or placed in the home for protection. To further anchor in these vibrations I have included Smoky Quarts and Blue Hawlite.

Smoky Quartz crystal is a powerful grounding, detoxing and balancing stone which absorbs negative energy. It works to release negative emotions such as  jealousy, fear, and anger.

To compliment the external factors that the Smoky Quartz works with, the Blue Howlite carries the ability to calm your own anger and to absorb anger directed at you. Its soothing energy can also reduce tension and anxiety.

SOLD AUD 222  (Included postage & handling within Australia)


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