Heart’s Code

Heart's Code
Heart’s Code

Heart’s Code, cotton thread, leather, fabric, Green Fluorite, Goldstone

Created 6th February 2018

Dimensions: 24.5cm x 1.5cm x 1cm

The source of all life is in the central place of the heart and written in the heart is the truth of who we really are. As I worked through the powerful energies of the last full moon (super /blue/blood moon) on 31st January and faced all the shadow aspects that the eclipses seem to dig up, I was reminded to go back to the heart. Go back to source and find stillness there. What emerged was this beautiful being that carries the intention of opening the heart and also calling in joy and lightness. Fun.

I have used Green Fluorite and Goldstone in this piece and also created a ‘prayer’ bundle on the bottom really anchoring in the intentions of opening the heart, of expansion of consciousness and unbounded joy. Encased in leather and bound with love this prayer is held within this wand of healing and deep connection.

Green fluorite is able to awaken the heart chakra. It is connected to intuition, grounding, and absorbing the excess energy, including the energy from the environment. It brings information from the subconscious to the conscious mind. Closely supporting these properties is Goldstone.

Goldstone is a man-made stone created ‘by accident’ in the Medieval times by Monks trying to turn lead into gold. Known as the ‘Stone of Ambition’, Goldstone can help you achieve your goals with persistence and determination. It seemed appropriate for me to bring this medicine into the Heart’s Code for as we open the heart and connect to higher realms we are often faced with challenges and this stone gives us the protection and the will power to truly reach for the stars and shine.

*SOLD* AUD 333 (Includes postage & handling within Australia)


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