The Moment Before

The Moment Before
The Moment Before, Oil on canvas 2016 152.4cm x 91.4cm

This painting represents the ‘moment before’ my family and I left Iran for safe haven in Australia during the Iran /Iraq War. It is based on a photograph taken of me by one of my Uncles. I was 4 years old. This is the moment that my life changed forever, the moment that I say goodbye to all that is familiar. My Mother re-tells the story of this moment, from the child’s perspective, saying goodbye, thinking I would see my Grandmother and Aunties the next day….but in fact we had no idea when we would see them all again. As I observed all the adults around me clutching at each other and crying, so too was I sobbing and wiping the ‘tears’ of my doll with the corner of my dress.

Throughout the work are Farsi numerals that represent significant moments in my life and the letters ‘N’ and “M’ in Farsi representing my initials. The work also chronicles my three journey’s back home since immigrating to Australia.

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