Work with me

Mentorship Program

pexels-photo-133170.jpegMentorship has played a huge role in my career and I am forever grateful for the formal and informational relationships I have formed over the years. I have had business mentors, personal development mentors and artist mentors. All of these relationships have given me a broad perspective on my life purpose and practical ways of navigating the work I am here to do.

I have been called to offer a one-on-one Mentorship Program to share my experience and knowledge with others searching for guidance in professional development, creating pathways, developing networks, raising awareness, facilitating exchange and engaging in critical dialogue. (READ MORE) 

Curatorial Services

There are many complexities involved in developing a professional exhibition and getting a show together often becomes as labour intensive as producing the artwork.

My role as a curator can support artists in these administrative tasks freeing up time and space to focus on artwork creation.

I have extensive curatorial experience in delivering large scale festival events, conferences, group and joint exhibitions. I offer a range of curatorial support services for individual artists and collectives which include: Curatorial Consultation, Proposal Writing and Exhibition Support

 Curatorial packages are available should you need a combination of services. (READ MORE)


I facilitate a wide range of creative workshops for children, young people and adults.

Workshop duration and type are developed across  various contexts such as exhibition public programs, corporate events, women’s circles and more.

Please contact me to discuss your needs or visit my events page for current workshop details.